Phoenix Fitness - Transform Yourself
What can you expect from your workout?
  • A certified personal trainer
  • Increased muscular strength and bone density
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Improved cardiovascular efficiency
  • Increased resistance to injury

How often should I workout?
  • One or two workouts a week. In the beginning we recommend twice a week, if possible.

How does slow movement high intensity training work?
  • Traditional strength training uses 2-6 seconds to complete one rep. we uses approximately 20 seconds to complete a single rep: 10 seconds to lift the weights, 10 seconds to lower it. Slowing down the speed of movement minimizes the amount of momentum used, causing the muscles to work harder to perform the repetition. Ultimately, each exercise is performed to the point where the muscles are fatigued beyond exhaustion, meaning the point where moving the weight is no longer possible without increased acceleration. The point of complete muscle exhaustion is reached within a two minute time frame per exercise. The combination of moving the weight slowly and working at a high level of intensity results in the stimulation of the growth mechanism in the muscle, leading to the building of muscle.
  •  Correct form is paramount to keeping the working muscles isolated while controlling the speed of the repetition cycle. To maintain both the form and intensity, deep concentration and focus are needed to perform the exercise to the point of failure.

What are the overall benefits of building and maintaining muscle?   
  Increased muscle strength ·    Decreased body fat ·    Enhanced flexibility ·    Muscular endurance for daily functions and sports performance ·    Increase in resting metabolic rate ·    Increase in bone strength and density ·    Improved cardiovascular efficiency ·    Enhanced body shape and tone

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